Bohol Countryside Tour

bohol countryside tour
bohol chocolate hills
Bohol Countryside Tour 1
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Bohol Countryside Tour

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Kagana Tours Inc. provides an affordable package with excellent service to happily bring you to the famous spots of Bohol.

Start the excursion by taking a boat in Cebu Pier 1. From Cebu City, it would take around 2 hours for you to arrive on the spectacular island of Bohol. You will visit well-known historical sites such as Sandugo, where a blood compact was held to seal the friendship between Spaniards and Filipinos. See the second oldest preserved Catholic stoned church in the country, Baclayon Church. Have a quick stop in St. Peter’s Ruin Church, also known as Loboc Church. Get to know why this church, even if it is ruined and struck by the earthquake, is still worthy to stop by.

Just a few minutes drive by, tickle yourselves as you will meet Bohol’s biggest snake in captivity. Discover more about Bohol as you will be taken on a river cruise tour to witness the charming beauty of Loboc River. You will enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch on board. While having fun cruising and eating, you will be entertained by the sweet voices of the Loboc Choir and have the opportunity to gracefully dance the Tinikling.

Continue the Bohol journey bypassing the incredible 2-km stretch of Man-made forest in Pilar and take the best selfie with the world’s smallest endangered primates, Tarsiers. And, of course, one hasn’t gone to Bohol without seeing the iconic and mysterious Chocolate Hills.

Completing the full discovery of the haven of tropical natural discovery is daring yourselves to cross the wobbly hanging bridge in Sevilla and experience the thrilling extreme activities in Eco-Tourism Adventure Park, where it is also the best recommendable top view of Loboc River.

Recommended Itinerary:

5:00 AMPick up at hotel then drop off to pier
6:00 AMDeparture at Cebu City
8:00 AMArrival at Bohol then breakfast (guest expense)
8:30 AMStart of tour
 Blood Compact Site, Baclayon Church, St. Peter’s Ruins Church, Bohol biggest snake in captivity, River Cruise Floating Restaurant with buffet lunch, Bilar Man- made forest, Tarsier visit, Chocolate Hills and Adventure Rides ( Bike Zip & ATV Ride- Optional & guest expense), Hanging Bridge, Eco Tourism Adventure Park ( Zip line & Cable Car (optional: If time permits & guest expense)
4:00 PMEnd of tour, proceed to wharf/ sea port
5:00 PMDeparture for Cebu City
7:00 PMPickup from pier then drop of to hotel/airport

Tour Duration: Maximum of 8 hrs. (8:00 am to 4:00 pm) Excess hrs. will be charged accordingly.

Rates per Head:

 01 pax Php 8,000.00 / head
 02 pax Php 5,500.00 / head
 03 pax Php 4,670.00 / head
 04 pax Php 4,375.00 / head
 05 pax Php 4,100.00 / head
 06 pax Php 4,000.00 / head
 07 pax Php 3.930.00 / head
 08 pax Php 3,815.00 / head
 09 pax Php 3,725.00 / head
 10 pax Php 3,650.00 / head
 11 pax Php 3,590.00 / head
 12 pax Php 3,545.00 / head

If more than 12 pax, please contact us.

Reservation Form

Please fill up this form and received a confirmation within 24 hrs. Bookings made at the last minute must be made 24 hours prior to the pick-up time.

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