Simala Shrine with Uphill Tour

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Looking for a fascinating uphill tour where you can enjoy at the same time you can meditate? This Simala and Uphill Tour Package of Kagana Tours best suits your interest.

Away from metropolis, starting you day tour with a religious visit of the magnificent miraculous castle-like church of Mother Mary nestled in the hill of Lindogon, Sibonga – The Simala Church. This is the good place for you to contemplate and say your prayers while lining up towards the altar of Miraculous Virgin Mary. What makes this church quite interesting to many is the belief that Mother Mary of Simala shed bloody tears during her birthday making this place a miraculous one. As a proof, you will be amazed of several shelves inside the church containing various items like letters from believers expressing their gratitude to Mary for an answered prayer.

Keeping another impressive uphill landscape that reconnects you with nature is the Sirao Flower Farm. It is a perfect place for you to continue your meditation. You will be stunned by the blossoming sundry of flowers patterned in rows plus the calm view of the mountains will absolutely captivate your soul.

Your tour continues to the Taj Majal of Cebu – The Temple of Leah. This unique structure was built as a gesture of lasting love from a loving husband to his wife. While exploring the temple, you’ll be able to see some collection of her wife such as books, jars and other antique artifacts.

Wrapping up this entire fascinating uphill tour is another pilgrim visit of the famous Taoist Temple of Cebu where you can observe how Chinese practice their Taoism rituals.

Recommended Itinerary:

08:00 AMHotel/ airport pick up
10:00 AMSimala Shrine
12:00 NNLunch (guest expenses)
01:30 PMSirao Flower Farm
02:00 PMTemple of Leah
03:00 PMTaoist Temple
04:00 PMDrop off to hotel/ airport

Tour Duration: Maximum of 8 hrs. Excess hrs. will be charged accordingly.

DOT licensed tour guide is available upon guest’s request. The cost is Php 1, 500 (2- 4 pax) and Php 2, 500 (5- 12 pax)

Rates per Head:

2 paxPhp 2,275.00/ head
3 paxPhp 1,610.00/ head
4 paxPhp 1,275.00/ head
5 paxPhp 1,200.00/ head
6 paxPhp 1,110.00/ head
7 paxPhp 990.00/ head
8 paxPhp 900.00/ head
9 paxPhp 830.00/ head
10 paxPhp 775.00/ head
11 paxPhp 730.00/ head
12 paxPhp 695.00/ head

if more than 12 pax please contact us

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